Empowering the next generation to fight climate change

We believe that the next generation is key to society becoming sustainable fast enough, so we provide energy and climate literacy education to students funded by solar panels on each school.

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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most serious problems our children will face.

To protect our planet, we need to cut emissions much faster than most people realize.

Young people around the world are gathering to demand a sustainable future and a healthy planet.

We show them how they can help achieve it.

Climate Change

Our Solution

We bring funders, installers, partners, schools and students together to develop a solar project at no cost or risk to a school.

Then, as part of managing each system, we provide energy and climate literacy education to help students understand the challenges and how they can accelerate the pace of change to a carbon neutral society.

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What makes us different

  • Inspire students

    We empower students by providing energy literacy education funded by the solar panels we arrange.

  • Longterm partners

    We will look after the system, provide education and support for 25 years, and we share profits with you.

  • More than solar power

    We are not installers. We manage and de-risk the entire process of going solar for you.

  • Sustainable community

    We involve only socially-minded funders to create a community of solar schools that fight climate change.

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