Decarbonisation and education powered by the sun
Solar for Schools guides you through the journey to enjoy solar energy on your school’s roof, from funding, design, installation and operation. On top, we include an education package about energy and sustainability using the solar panels as the educational instrument.

Reduce your school carbon footprint and empower your pupils with solar.

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The solar panels as an educational instrument
Solar for Schools helps schools decarbonise with solar energy. Directly or through partners, we fund, design, install and operate solar panels on school's roofs.
Furthermore, we use the solar panels installed on your roof as an educational instrument. Our online modules and experimental kits range from physics and engineering classes for high school students to energy and sustainability materials for kids and pupils in elementary and kindergarten.
What we offer
  • A photovoltaic system cost neutral for your school
  • The entire solar project lifecycle: funding, design, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Access to all solar data to be used in e.g. Display Energy Certificates and for educational purposes
  • Curriculum based teaching modules for all school ages
  • From hands-on physics and maths to energy related learning tools
  • A gamified app to engage with the pupils
How to start?

My school already has solar panels

Check here our different education packages to select the most suitable for your school

Our education offering is suitable to any school in the world

My school has no solar panels

Register your contact details and school name, and gain access to our automatic project viability tools. We´ll contact you soon to follow up on your interest.

We currently only offer PV systems for schools in UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and India.

Design and analysis tools
Upon registration, we offer free access to comprehensive project design tools to analyse the viability of solar panels for your school. Costs, savings and energy production are automatically estimated based on your input. Besides the initial project assessment, our tools are ideal to be used as teaching materials, too.
Once the solar panels are installed, students and project managers can monitor the solar panels here on our website as well. Energy production, consumption, export, etc. are displayed on easy to use graphs.
What makes us different
Supporting your students to achieve a net-zero carbon future through our online and in-school education.
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Carbon and financial savings
Provided by solar panels at no up-front capital and long-term maintenance costs.
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Long-term partner
Trusted by 319 schools worldwide to develop and look after the PV-systems, so they do not have to.
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Join our international community
Besides getting a photovoltaic system for your school and inspiring your pupils on energy and sustainability through our educational programme, by working with Solar for Schools your school shall access our international community in Europe (UK, Germany), America (Mexico, Colombia) and Asia (India). An excellent opportunity to offer your students an exchange with foreign cultures and environments.
The international community of solar schools is formed by:
schools worldwide
who are saving
12,022 t
of CO2
and inspiring
We are excited about making savings to our energy costs as well as educating our pupils about sustainable energies for the future. Thank you so very much.
John Murray
Site Manager at Ribbon Academy
SfS has a strong “can do” attitude forging a genuine partnership. We have been impressed with the works. We are now working together on ideas to promote the initiative.
Marino Charalambous
Both the assembly and workshops were expertly pitched for our students and both were really enjoyed. The students were, literally, buzzing all day. Thank you again!
Kevin Broadway
Teacher at Mountjoy School
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