British Science Week visit to King Norton's Boys School (Mar 22, 2024)

King Edward VI King's Norton School for Boys' student leaders had a unique opportunity during British Science Week, as they participated in an assembly and workshop with Solar for Schools' Education Team. The school had a solar PV system, fully funded through Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS), installed last July and as part of the asset management package, students will receive education connecting the curriculum to the panels for the lifetime of the system.

During the assembly, approximately 180 students across Years 7 – 10 learned about the benefits of solar power and the green skills required to transition to renewable energy. Following the assembly, the different year groups participated in workshops where they had the opportunity to connect the idea of green skills to their prior knowledge of energy. Using our educational software, they had the chance to roleplay as data analysts as they studied their school’s daily generation and consumption of electricity.

They worked with our bespoke Solar Explorer Kit that is designed to simulate how solar panels work and subsequently took on the roles of structural engineer, meteorologist, and electrician. Finally, they also had a chance to participate in drone workshops where they flew the drone over their rooftops to see and document their school’s decarbonisation journey.

One student remarked, "I want to make more of Britain's energy from solar," while another noted how "Thousands of pounds can be potentially saved through the use of solar panels, and it is also very beneficial for our planet by aiming to eradicate/battle against the pollution created by burning of fossil fuels."

Outdoor Education Lead at the school, Ben Julian, got the students enthusiastic about potentially becoming their first CEOs (Chief Energy Officers) if they could write him a written application for the position by the end of the day. One group of students handed theirs in right away proudly claiming to "have an ambition to help the school and Birmingham's solar panel collection."

Solar for Schools helps schools decarbonise with solar energy, funding, designing, installing, and operating solar panels on school roofs. Additionally, they use the solar panels installed on school roofs as an educational instrument, developing green skills and promoting energy awareness through online modules, experimental kits, physics, and engineering classes, as well as interactive materials in energy and sustainability.

“I really want to continue the drive on what we achieved last week,” says Ben. “Students are engaged and willing to get involved. [The experimental] kits were great and I know the students loved using them to understand how solar works. These would also play a part in teaching other students and other schools.”

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