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New Joint Venture

Engynious Clean Power (UK) Ltd has joined forces with Internet entrepreneur, Robert Schrimpff and experienced renewables project developer Martin Augustin, to create a new venture called Solar for Schools which aims to reach out to schools through social media networks.

The aim is to raise awareness in schools among parents and school governors through the internet.
Engynious Clean Power UK’s programme has nearly 40 schools all benefiting from having access to solar power. Engynious own, manage, maintain and operate the systems at no cost to the school.
Gregor Loukidis, a director of Engynious Clean Power, said, “Schools can take advantage of solar power without having any capital costs so they can better manage their energy costs, reduce their carbon emissions, and at the same time improve their teaching and learning to become leading centres of excellence for education.”

Robert Schrimpff said, “We all react to social media campaigns and Solar for Schools is about reaching out to parents in thousands of schools, making them aware that their schools can join the solar revolution even if schools do not have the funds to buy solar panels. They can make a difference by securing a long-term supply of discounted solar power that will bring savings to schools now and in the future. Together we can all achieve more."

Promotion of the site will start in April.