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    The problem?

    1. Electricity produced from fossil fuels is causing climate change, harming our planet, and compromising the livelihood of everyone!
    2. Many schools are missing the opportunity to teach children sustainability.
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    Our Solution:

    1. We help schools generate clean solar energy at no cost.
    2. We provide energy literacy education through workshops and online tools.
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68 schools have prevented almost 30 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere since they joined.

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More than 1200 trees offsetting the CO2

Click on a school to see performance charts of any of the schools we manage so far.

"From start to finish, working with Solar for Schools has been a smooth un-intrusive process. The project design, installation and planning teams have been a pleasure to collaborate with throughout. The standard of work is first dass and provides another vista to our academy. We are exicted about making savings to our energy costs as well as educating our pupils about sustainable energies for the future. Thank you so very much."

John Murray, Site Manager


120kWp installed 2018

"When we first heard about the programme we thought it was too good to be true. You pay for the renewably generated electricity you use at a discounted rate compared to mains electricity but everything else is free of charge, install is free, panels are free, upkeep is free and its true! The install teams have been marvellous, install took place it term time, everyone has worked conscientiously to accommodate the children and our needs."

Glenn Lillo, Ex-Head Teacher



50kWp installed 2013

How does it work

We help schools go solar. No matter the stage of your solar project, we move it forward! We offer the following options:
1.Fully funded new solar system: purchase solar electricity & no investment.
  • We develop a solar project on your school, from initial idea through to installation and long-term management.
  • In exchange, we offer a reduced price for the solar electricity so your school can start using clean, local renewable energy.
  • We plan, raise funds, coordinate and oversee installation and manage the solar panel system, while we provide your teachers and students with energy education resources.
  • You carry no risk and invest nothing but receive all the benefits of having solar såoo( panels on your roof.
2.Assistance moving new solar projects forward

If you are working on a new solar project on your school, take advantage of one two or all three of the services we provide:

  • Analysis


    • Roof review
    • Electricity consumption analysis
    • Financial analysis
    • Recommendation of system sizes
    • Comparison of system sizes, funding options and resulting carbon and financial savings
  • Survey


    • Site Visit
    • Energy performance certification
    • Structural survey
    • System designs
    • Grid application
    • Electricity yield forecast
  • Installation Management


    • Preparation of final system designs and equipment selection
    • Procurement and purchasing
    • Selection of installer
    • Organisation of installer visits
    • Commissioning
3.Assistance optimizing existing solar projects

You have already gone solar, but have you optimized your impact? We offer the following services for schools with solar panels:

  • Audit & Update


    • Site Visit
    • Examination of mechanical and electrical installation of the system
    • Report with findings
    • Recommendation for upgrades
  • Asset Management


    • Installation of 3-way metering: import, export, consumption
    • Remote, daily monitoring of systems performance
    • Diagnostic checks
    • Coordination of inspections and repairs
    • Manage warranty claims
    • Site Visit
  • Energy Education


    • Solar generation and consumption at the school
    • Solar panel technology
    • Energy management
    • Global climate change and sustainability