What we do

We help schools go solar.

No matter the stage of your solar project, we move it forward. Choose our fully funded solar solution for a simple, risk-free way to benefit from solar panels, or request one or more of our tailored services for each phase of your solar project.

Purchase Solar Electricity. No investment.

We develop a solar project on your school, from initial idea through to installation and long-term management. In exchange, we offer a reduced price for the solar electricity so your school can start using clean, local renewable energy. We plan, raise funds, coordinate and oversee installation and manage the solar panel system, while we provide your teachers and students with energy education resources. You carry no risk and invest nothing but receive all the benefits of having solar panels on your roof.
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New Solar Projects

At whichever point you may be in the process of going solar, we can assist you in moving your project forward

If you are working on a new solar project on your school, take advantage of one, two or all three of the services we provide:



  • Roof review
  • Electricity consumption analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Recommendation for system size
  • Comparison of system sizes, funding options and resulting carbon and financial savings



  • Site visit
  • Energy performance certification
  • Structural survey
  • System designs
  • Grid application
  • Electricity yield forecast

Installation Management


  • Preparation of final system designs and equipment selection
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Selection of installer
  • Organisation of installer visits
  • Commissioning

Existing Solar Projects

You have already gone solar, but have you optimised your impact?

We offer the following services for schools with solar panels:

Audit & Upgrade


  • Site visit
  • Examination of mechanical and electrical installation of the system
  • Report with findings
  • Recommendation for upgrades

Asset Management


  • Installation of 3-way metering: import, export, consumption
  • Remote, daily monitoring of system’s performance
  • Diagnostic checks
  • Coordination of inspections and repairs
  • Manage warranty claims
  • Site visits

Energy Education

School visits and teacher trainings about:

  • Solar generation and consumption at the school
  • Solar panel technology
  • Energy management
  • Global climate change and sustainability

Curious about funding options?

We provide flexible funding options to meet every school’s needs.
How to fund my solar project

Learn from your solar panels

Using the solar panels on your school and integrating them into STEM subjects can help improve academic performance and inspire students and local community to live more sustainably and prepare for the future.

Working with our Education Board we are developing 3 key education programmes:

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