Ben Jonson Primary School's Solar Profile

Harford Street, London, E1 4PZ,

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Potential impact


54,889 kWh kWh – short for kilo Watt hour is the typical units used to describe a quantity of energy i.e. 1kWh is enough energy to run a 1000 Watt kettle for one hour or a 10W LED light bulb for 100 hours.

of clean renewable electricity each year


474 t t – short for tonnes, is the most commonly used unit for CO2 emissions despite being hard to visualize. At normal temperature and pressure a tonne of CO2 would require about 550 sqm. i.e. you would need about 5 tonnes of CO2 to fill an Olympic pool (25m wide x 50m long x 2m deep). A typical fossil fuel power station emits about 500g of CO2 per kWh of electricity produced.

of of CO2 from ever entering the atmosphere



students each year to live more sustainably

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Financial impact

Environmental impact

CO2 avoided



Same as planting



Same as taking


cars off the road permanently

Education impact

"The big thing about educational sustainable development is, it's motivational. Young people feel part of their future and they feel more self-esteem, more engaged and powerful."