WARNING: Capital at risk.


Your investment would be as an unsecured loan into Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society Ltd (CBS), a society set-up to raise and own the solar assets on behalf of schools. The Society has its own group of directors for independent governance but has no employees as simply owns the panels and subcontracts all administration and management of the solar panels to Solar Options for Schools Ltd, who already manage solar panels on over 50 schools in the UK.

The intention is that once the solar panels are installed and running for a few years, they will be re-financed with companies such as Social and Sustainable Capital and Triodos bank and Bond investors will be re-paid in full. Whilst we take great care in planning each system, there is no guarantee that the solar panels will deliver sufficient income to cover interest and repayments every year or that the Bonds can be re-financed within the 5 year period, hence there is a risk that you will not receive all your investment back within 5 years. You must read the prospectus and all risk factors included within it carefully before deciding to invest.

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