A solar panel system is made up of solar panels, inverters, cabling, electricity meter and support structure.

The Solar panels cause the photons in light to push electrons in one direction. This flow of electrons in a single direction is referred to as direct current or DC.

The job of the inverter is to invert or change the direction of the current so that it alternates at the same speed as mains electricity. Mains electricity is based on alternating current or AC.

The cables connect it all together. There are normally two sets of cables: DC cables connecting the modules to the inverter and AC cables connecting the inverter to the mains electricity via an electricity meter.

The electricity meter is then connected to the Internet so that the solar panels' performance can be monitored for faults and the correct amount of subsidy claimed. It also allows us to provide live solar panel performance charts that students can review and play with to learn about solar power.

Finally, the support structure simply ensures that the modules can be attached to the roof safely to ensure that they do not damage the roof or fall off.

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