Work with us to deliver better value for money, while earning better margins.

  • No marketing and sales costs.

    Framework pricing and a simple online quotation form means no or minimal sales effort necessary.

  • Simplified logistics.

    We arrange delivery of all main components with suppliers and school to free you up to focus on the little details that ensure a great installation.

  • No paperwork and less admin.

    Our online tools enable you to see what you need for each project and submit information while on-site via your mobile phone. We take care of all the paperwork.

  • Less inventory and working capital costs.

    We order and arrange payment for all large ticket, low margin items such as panels, inverters, meters and mounting systems. You focus on labour, installation equipment, DC/AC cabling, trunking, ballast and AC connection equipment.

  • No design and re-design work.

    We arrange all survey work beforehand, design the system, share the results online with you, and if needed we re-design the system for each school until optimal. Then we arrange a pre-install visit with you and the school to confirm the build details.

  • Stable, growing workflow.

    There are about 24,000 schools left in England and Wales without solar: At 50 a week, it would still take nearly 10 years to put solar on them all. From nearly 2 a week currently, we still have a long way to grow with you.

What are we looking for?

A ‘can do’ attitude that places safety and school satisfaction first, even if it means taking a little longer to get the job done perfectly. In addition installers must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Proven experience working in schools.

  • DBS approved installers.

  • Proven experience or certified with SolarEdge & SMA inverters.

  • Fully-qualified electrician with sufficient IT networking skills to install inverters, meters and communications equipment.

  • Team capable of installing and commissioning a 50 kWp system in 5 days without disrupting the school’s normal operations.

  • Capacity to source AC & DC cables, trunking, ballast, fuses and breakers as specified.

Structural Engineers

Safety is paramount, yet establishing if a roof is sound at a low cost is key to a solar project that will work for most schools.

What are we looking for?

More structural engineers who are either local to a school or can work remotely from plans and photos of the roof.

Please email us with your locations, qualifications and rates and we will add you to our roster. We will be in touch with you so you can make a real difference to schools near you.

Planning Consultants and Council Planners

Most solar projects come under permitted development, if not they can die due to planning application costs, so local contacts and experience can make all the difference.

What are we looking for?

More well-connected planning consultants and council planners with experience working with schools.

Please email us with details of the councils you deal with and we will be in touch when the opportunity to save the day arises.

You can also become a partner and earn additional income by showing more schools what they could achieve with solar too.

Approved installers

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