How to add solar charts to your website and social media posts (May 17, 2018)

As part of our on-going development to help schools save money and educate future generations in the potential of renewable energy, we are pleased to announce that all schools in the Engynious Solar for Schools program can now easily add some code to their website that will display the school’s solar panel output for the current month. The graph is updated automatically each day and links back to the charting page on the Solar for Schools website, where realtime day charts and monthly summaries can be seen.

Over time we intent to continue adding features to the website to help schools:

Share their achievements in helping the environment and saving money from their solar panels.
Help other schools to follow the same path.
Provide learning opportunities and projects for children to learn about renewables.
For now we have tried to keep this as simple as possible, but look forward to hearing from schools as to how we can add further functionality.

1) How to add a monthly solar performance chart to your website.

You will need to add some code to your web pages, so you may want to forward this to your webmaster and let them know where you would like the chart to appear. The chart will update automatically each day. So it only needs to be done once.

To obtain the specific code for your school:

Go to and click on your school in either the map or the list.

Once on your school’s charting page, you will need to be logged in to see a text box with the code you need to cut and paste in to your website or web page used on your school's display. If you do not have log in details, simply register first.

2) How to post a snapshot of your charts to social media.

You will need a facebook account or editor rights to your schools facebook page. This will post a snapshot of performance to date. Because the way facebook works you may want to do this at the end of every month. Contact us if you would like us to do this for you at the end of each month.

Go to and click on your school in either the map or the list.
Once on your school’s charting page click on the three bars to the top right of the graph and download the image you wish. You can then past it into Facebook or other social media platforms.

If you have any technical questions please email