Students engage in meaningful detective work as Power Detectives! (May 06, 2020)

What can you learn from your school’s solar panels?

Through participation in our new programme, Power Detectives, students gain valuable insight into how electricity is used, where electricity comes from and are able to identify trends that reveal ways for the school to become more energy efficient.

Power Detectives is an online programme that inspires investigations around a school’s “electricity profile.” The programme starts by students choosing one of our solar schools and opening up the school’s profile page; even better is it when students get to look at their own school’s electricity profile and learn more about their own school!

Each of our solar school’s electricity profile shares information about how the solar panel system is performing, along with how the school is using electricity. This information is shown in unique electricity charts that are quite comprehensive. Displays of five different attributes of the school’s electricity profile can be turned on and off to illustrate different aspects of the energy flow in and out of the school. Students can also choose from five different electricity charts that show data over different timeframes, for example, broken down into the timeframe of one day which shows live data in 15-minute intervals! The profile also shows live statistics about the impact of the solar panels and gives basic information about the system installed at the school. This learning is guided by our helpful Energy Bee, showing the students around our the profile page.

On the start page, teachers can download Teacher Guides to lead their students through the programme. These guides share the programmes learning objectives, the flow of the programme and list options for different types of energy investigations possible using the electricity charts.

The Power Detectives programme was created to provide students with an activity around reading charts and looking at data that is relevant and interesting to them, while inspiring them to take action. As students are becoming more and more engaged in climate action, there is nothing more inspiring and empowering than having real information about their own school so that they can take charge of making a change. Not only do the electricity charts enable learning about how a solar panel system works and about how a school uses electricity, they enable students to creatively think of solutions to shift some of the trends they uncover and to leave a positive impact at their school.

So what are you waiting for? We hope you take part in the programme. See what you can uncover by exploring the electricity profile of a solar schools near you and become a Power Detective!