A cool video game about climate change? What? (May 04, 2020)

Our partners Solar Schools down in Australia want you to help save the day: schools are planets and it is up to you to keep them safe from climate change.

In the game Planet Watch you will explore different galaxies and solar systems where you can evaluate how each planet is doing. Is the planet dark and polluted or is it bright and clean? Are the inhabitants using a lot of energy or using energy efficiently? Each planet is unique showing how much of its resources it has used already and how its environment looks. You will also get to see how planets have changed over time by seeing live information and historic data.

One of the best signs that a planet is healthy is when it has a lot of green trees, clean water and solar panels! When a planet is using energy efficiently and has taken action to protect itself, its environment is clean and productive. Just like here on our planet!
How many planets can you find in the universe that are clean and healthy? Make a list of your favourite planets to watch and see on the leaderboard how each planet is doing.

Most importantly, in the game you get to learn about what actions you can take to protect the planets from climate change. You will learn about saving energy, energy efficiency, sustainability and more. Those lessons you can use outside of the game and do your part to protect our environment here on Earth!
So what are you waiting for?

On our Student page we have shared the direct link to the game so you can start playing! Currently, you can explore the ‘galaxies’ of Australian and New Zealand and check out what is happening at those schools.

If your school has solar panels on it and you want to see your school in the game, contact Sarah at sarah@solarforschools.co.uk and let us know!