A fun way to learn about energy from home! (Apr 27, 2020)

Energy is a really important thing to learn about. Why? Well, energy is what helps all living things grow—energy helps us grow and move; it’s what helped create our planet and all of its systems, and it powers our modern world.

When starting to learn about energy and the global energy market, all the information, facts, and figures can be confusing and hard to understand. Energy is indeed an important yet complicated topic.

Yet, the creators of the film Switch make learning about energy easy and fun!

Switch is an award-winning documentary that shares the journey of Professor Tinker going around the world to learn about energy. He explores the world’s leading energy sites and speaks to international leaders about our energy market. Through his travels, he gains insight into the energy technologies we use today. At the end of this travels, he shares his insights and inspires us all to act to ensure secure, clean energy for our collective future.

This film is not only fun to watch, but you can learn a lot from it.

We are encouraging educators during this time of home-learning to use this documentary as a teaching tool. This film shares lessons in the natural and environmental sciences, geography, politics, social studies and sustainability, providing a cross-curricular learning opportunity for students.

Click here to access the film from the Switch Energy Alliance website.

For students and parents: To guide at-home learning, please reference our Questions List and Student Worksheet

For teachers: we have prepared a Teacher’s Guide

We hope you will enjoy learning from the film as much as we have!

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