Even my little daughter gets it! (Aug 24, 2015)

A few days ago, my daughter showed me a picture of some solar panels on a building and said with great excitement: “Look they are making their own electricity. Just like you are with schools!”

Although she is just 5 and going to the local kindergarten, when she saw the picture of the shining building in a children’s book, she knew exactly what it was.

OK, so my children know what I do for a living and I may have explained once or twice how a wind turbine works or what the dark pieces of glass on building roofs are as we pass them by in our car, but I was still surprised that she recognised the solar panels on her own accord from a photo. More than that though, I was really delighted that she was so excited about what it means. It makes our efforts with Solar for Schools worthwhile.

Martin, Co-Initiator