Solar for Schools New Logo (Apr 28, 2015) is the new website initiative developed in partnership with Engynious, an experienced solar panel installation and management organisation. Solar for Schools, as its names implies, is entirely focused on helping schools obtain solar panels at no cost to the school and provides a platform where they can learn about how much their school could contribute to CO2 targets and energy cost savings. Engynious then installs and manages the systems at no cost to the school for 25 years. The School saves money by way of reduced price electricity.

"A similarly named organisation have a similar goal. However, they help schools fundraise to own the panels outright and keep the government incentives.". Run by charity 10:10 they support schools in raising funds needed to pay for solar panels. Schools that apply to and are accepted, then work with Solar Schools to raise the funds from parents and the local community by way of donations. “The last few years of Solar Schools have seen communities achieve incredible things. Armed with our toolkit, training and support, our schools have raised over £470,000 to install solar PV on their roofs. Bringing a community together to raise the cost of solar panels for their school is a powerful way of cutting carbon emissions, supporting school budgets, changing attitudes to renewable energy and boosting community skills.” - Amy Cameron, Community Crowdfunding manager, 10:10 offers something different – Engynious’ investors coupled with government funding means the school does not have to raise the money themselves. Solar for Schools does all the heavy lifting. Robert Schrimpff explains. “With our partner Engynious, we manage it all from checking the roof, obtaining finance, installing the panels and managing your electricity supply”.

Glen Lillo, Head Teacher at Oasis Academy Shirley Park Primary, who signed up with the Engynious Solar for Schools programme a year ago, said, “When we first heard about the programme we thought it was too good to be true. You pay for the renewably generated electricity you use at a cheap rate but everything else is free of charge; install is free, panels are free, upkeep is free. And it's true!"

Anyone can submit a school to find out how much their schools can save – a parent, governor, staff member or part of the community in which there is a school – Anyone who wants to help a school and support a sustainable future should be submitting their school on the Solar for Schools website.


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