SEEd supports Solar for Schools (Mar 31, 2015)

SEEd supports Solar for Schools. Environmental and sustainability education campaigners SEEd is supporting the Solar for Schools initiative to reach out to parents and governors through social media and internet marketing so more schools are aware of the opportunities that exist today of having solar power.

SEEd is a national charity that encourages schools to embrace sustainability into what they do and teach and it has been working with Engynious through its networks to spread the message that schools can have solar power and some of the benefits without having to fund the installation.

Ann Finlayson, CEO of the sustainability and environmental education charity, SEEd, said: “We don’t all want large investment projects and we can’t all afford solar panels or find the time and resources to apply for it but by working with companies like Engynious and Solar for Schools, schools have an opportunity to buy solar energy more cheaply than they currently pay for their mains electricity. This gives schools a no risk, no cost option to get some of the benefits of solar power and this will help schools develop their sustainability education for the benefit of subsequent generations.”

Nearly 40 schools are currently in the Engynious SEEd Schools Solar programme. Solar for Schools is a joint venture between Engynious UK and two internet entrepreneurs, Robert Schrimpff and Martin Augustin.