Korean Media is learning about solar with Biggleswade Academy (Jan 23, 2019)

A Korean TV filming crew is to visit Biggleswade Academy, one of our Solar for Schools community schools, this Friday to discover what our children think about climate change.

Biggleswade Academy, which is part of the Life Academies Trust, was installed with nearly 160kWp of solar panels this summer.

The installation was followed by a visit by our Solar for Schools education team who worked with the children to look at what their solar panels system was generating, what solar power means and how it fits into the bigger picture of reducing carbon and helping combat climate change.

A team from the Korean TV Station, JTBC, one of the most trusted broadcasting station in Korea, is visiting Biggleswade on Friday. The film crew is visiting the UK to make a documentary on UK’s work to tackle climate change.

While in the UK, they will also film an offshore wind farm, homes with solar panels and interviews with politicians and high profile individuals working in low carbon industries. The footage from their visit to Biggleswade Academy will show how future generation are being educated and what they think about climate change.

Solar Options for Schools Ltd, which manages a community benefit society of schools with solar panels in the UK, was approached by the Business Environment and Climate Change Manager from the British Embassy in Seoul to see if there was an opportunity to gain insight into what young people in the UK think about climate change.

Robert Schrimpff, CEO of Solar Options for Schools Ltd, says: “Solar for Schools was set up to encourage schools worldwide to look at ways they can cut carbon emissions and through education of the next generation bring about social change. We are delighted we can help another country look at what we are doing in the UK. Together we can achieve a sustainable future.”