Record number of schools going solar (Sep 26, 2018)

The total number of schools who went solar with us this summer is record breaking!

July, August and September were months that broke records. In July, Death Valley deserts (USA) broke the record for hottest month ever recorded on Earth, although that is up for debate (1). More exciting for us and definitely not up for debate is the record that the Solar for Schools group set this summer.

The total number of schools who went solar with us in the UK and Germany topped the charts with 17 schools, installing 805 kW of solar power. That’s over 2,950 solar panels! A great new record!

How was this possible?

So far this year, in the UK we have helped the Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS) raise £850,000 and we are currently supporting their next fundraise of £500,000 to fund more solar panel installations on UK schools. In Germany, Solar für Kinder, our German subsidiary, has raised €110,000 for solar panels on German schools, although the majority of the projects there are funded by the schools themselves.

With plans on track to build in India too, we are now forging ahead with our Solar for Schools India initiative.

This exciting new record has been set thanks to a growing number of schools committing to go solar, which is fantastic! In fact, 90% of schools in the UK have yet to go solar, so there’s an opportunity for many more schools to join this movement. Will your school be next?

What is the impact?

Schools with solar panels are setting an example for their students and educating future generations. Our energy education and sustainability programmes now reach over 35,000 children. In the UK, the largest installation at any one site to-date of 702 panels was installed at Biggleswade Academy in Bedfordshire, part of the Life Academy Trust. This school has a vision that everyone in their community unites together as one and feels proud. It is a sentiment we endorse with our global vision encouraging schools to use solar power. The Biggleswade Academy further reflects our global vision with its buildings named after countries from across the world. What synergy, and we are delighted that they chose to join us and share our exciting vision for the future of solar energy in schools.

Work continues this autumn in Germany with 13 schools and 540 kW planned and in the UK with another 7 schools with a total of 500 kW planned. If successful, 2018 will be one of the best years so far for the Solar for Schools group helping schools go solar.

If you are interested in keeping the momentum going and investing in solar panels on schools, the current bond offer for the Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society (CBS) is open: