Tracking changing energy use patterns (Apr 02, 2020)

We are now finishing our second (or third) week of staying at home and socially distancing. Here are some of the trends that have been noticed and reported since the quarantine started:

  1. personal screen time has increased significantly
  2. online retailers are selling more tops than bottoms
  3. traffic jams have all but ceased to exist in the most heavily populated cities
  4. the unemployment rate is increasing
  5. air quality is improving.
  6. not surprisingly, residential electricity usage has increased.

But overall, there has been a decrease in total electricity consumption in countries in quarantine. These decreases in electricity usage stem mostly from large factories and industries halting production, businesses closing their doors and economies slowing down. Yet, what is happening to the electricity usage and generation at schools?

Here you can take a look for yourself using our electricity charts!

You can uncover information about electricity consumption and where a school’s electricity comes from, in addition to information about solar electricity generation and how it is used.

Take a look at one solar school, The Dassett CofE Primary School in Southam. Looking at data from last month, March 2020, a trend or two is indeed is apparent. Check out the chart for yourself and test your assumptions!

As the quarantine continues, we are interested to see how these trends further develop. Be sure to check back in another two weeks to look at the electricity charts again to see!

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