How a Community Benefit Society will work for you (Jul 14, 2016)

Schools that choose this option and become members of the Community Benefit Society (CBS) will have a share in the success of those systems. We will continue to manage the systems and funding and receive management fees from the CBS, but now any profits will be shared with the schools and the schools vote on how any profits that accumulate over time are used; from buying equipment for member schools to re-investing in solar panels on other schools.

We are very excited about this as in addition to a share in any long term profits that can in many cases double the long-term savings from going solar (after investors are paid and renewable power and educational gains have been delivered to your school), it also increases the number of potentially lower cost funding options so we can help schools that only have room for a smaller system, as a CBS can:

  1. Crowdfund from school parents and local communities to raise money without costly regulatory approvals both as donations or interest bearing bonds.
  2. Attract low interest, long-term loans, from charity focused banks and ethical funds.
  3. Access grants for schools in rural areas in order to make projects economically viable.

Which in turn translate into greater savings for the schools.

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T. 01284 530020