Main Electricity Prices are Increasing (Nov 30, 2015)

Steep price hikes for electricity!

School electricity bills are rising, as energy companies once again are pushing up prices. Reports in the national press since November have hinted at energy prices rising this winter, which have come true. Some schools, which are re-negotiating their energy contracts, are facing steep rises in electricity costs while some are being asked to pay up to 26% more for their energy, according to

Now is the time to look at the electricity providers and find the cheapest deals in the energy market. Energy brokers and calling on customers to beat energy price hikes by fixing their energy prices. But there are better options open to schools.

“One way to do this is to switch part of your electricity needs to solar power and lock down your price to inflationary rises,” says Robert Schrimpff, CEO of Solar for Schools. “Such a move will protect a school from energy price rises in the long-term and deliver a whole school approach to delivering education for susutainable development.”

Despite government efforts to hold energy companies to account, the energy market is seeing wholesale prices rise and these rises are being passed on to customers. Most recently last week, the UK industry trade body publicly warned about increasing price hikes, blaming rising wholesale costs, installation of smart meters and government policies. On the contrary, other market analysts solely blame the increasing fossil fuel prices for the price hikes. It is becoming clearer than ever that switching to solar is indeed the best financial option for energy.