Solar for Schools delighted to promote 1010 and their SolarSchools programme (May 11, 2015)

There are many ways to fund solar panels on a school. Whilst of course we like our solution for schools, we admit that for some schools, raising the money from parents and engaging the local community at the same time may be more suitable. Doing so can also provide a better total return to the school, but of course it is also much harder unless you have some help. That is where charity 1010 and their Solar Schools project come in. Every year they work with a small number of schools to help them raise the money for solar panels from donations. We think it is a great initiative for smaller systems and are delighted to help promote the charity and its work. has just opened for applications, but hurry as they can only help 20 schools this year and applications close on the 3rd June. You can register for one of their limited places.

We wish all the schools luck in their application process and know that those schools selected will benefit hugely from the support provided by in raising thousands of pounds in donations from parents and the local community.

Of course for larger systems or where raising more than a few thousand from parents etc. would be a nearly impossible task we are happy to share projects. I.e. we will fund the difference of what you can’t raise from donations or via local community investment programs. In effect you can get the best of both worlds.

So to find out how much your school could save with our solution submit the school at: