2nd CBS Bond Issue Closes Over Target (May 18, 2017)

Our bond offer closed 2 weeks ago, and we are happy to report that we raised over £10,000 more than our goal, before closing date, from 47 different investors. A very good result indeed!

This new round of funding will ensure that we can build solar panel systems on more schools in England and Wales. Such schools will not only be able to save money on their electricity bills, while reducing their carbon footprint, but they will also benefit from the educational tools and any surplus profits from the Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society. Currently, we are planning builds in London and Warwickshire and are excited to be finalising deals with more schools scattered throughout the country.

We want to extend a warm thank you to Ethex who provided a reliable, supportive platform. And most importantly, we want to thank each investor for positively investing and helping us to reach our goal.