2nd CBS Bond Issue Opens Today (Mar 07, 2017)

Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society Ltd is excited to announce the issue of its second round of solar bonds in partnership with Ethex – starting March 7th 2017. By investing in Solar for Schools Community Benefit Society Ltd (‘CBS’), investors are making a social impact investment to help schools in the UK access clean and renewable solar electricity.

For every £250,000 raised from bond investors to fund solar panels on schools, those schools will:

  • Prevent 5,000 tonnes of CO2 from ever entering the atmosphere,
  • Inspire hundreds of students each year to live more sustainably,
  • Save and earn between £250,000 - £750,000 over the next 25-30 years.

Bond holders can expect to receive 5% interest per year for up to 5 years.

“With your investment, you will help schools where we provide panels to save and earn between one- to three-times the invested amount over the 30-year lifetime of the solar panels, whilst inspiring the next generation of children to achieve more by living sustainably,” says Robert Schrimpff, CEO of Solar for Schools.

Schools are provided with solar panel systems managed by Solar Options for Schools Ltd. (‘Solar for Schools’), who manages systems on over 55 schools. The solar panels systems are owned by Solar for Schools CBS, a community benefit society set up specifically for this. The members of the CBS are the schools themselves, and they benefit not only from long-term electricity savings that are gained by having solar panels, but also they receive a share of the surplus profits of the operation of the solar assets. The 5-year bond offer will enable the funding of solar panel systems on more schools, thus providing more local renewable energy that is used on site while reducing the impact of climate change and the need to import energy from other countries.

Applications to invest in the bonds may be made through Ethex, a not-for-profit organisation operating an online platform for positive investments. Ethex brings together on one platform the best positive savings and investment opportunities to make it easy to make money do good. On the platform, you can browse, compare and invest in a range of products from bank accounts and ISAs to equity investments and charity bonds that offer a social and environmental as well as a financial return. Since 2013, Ethex has helped raise over £51 million of investment into 55 social businesses, charities and community organisations. The CBS bond issue period will be open until the 30th of April 2017.

To invest or find out more about the offer, please visit www.ethex.org.uk/sfs

“We are extremely delighted to be working with Solar for Schools on this ambitious project to raise investment in order to provide a growing number of UK based schools with access to renewable energy. At a time when the impact of climate change is increasingly being felt, the importance of engaging a new generation in addressing these challenges cannot be overstated.” Josh Brewer, Business Development Manager, Ethex


Please be aware that your capital is at risk when you invest, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. The price and value of some investments on the Ethex platform fluctuates and you may get back less than the amount you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If you are in any doubt you should consult a financial adviser.