The anticipated tariff cuts have been unexpectedly delayed (Dec 02, 2015)

We were all expecting the announcement last week, that solar subsidy rates would be cut from 1st January 2016. But there has been a delay presenting this to Parliament, so we will now be able to continue to install into January and possibly February.

This means we can still offer a fully funded system, FREE to schools that can act quickly. If you know you want solar and you can move fast in terms of obtaining signatures on the agreement, we can work on your project with a view to an installation as early in 2016 as possible.

A solar installation on your school, signed up before the end of December will give you significantly discounted electricity. If you leave it until next year, you can still go solar but there will be no discount on your electricity.

Of course, there are no guarantees so if we are unable to complete in the timeframe, then we would look at several other options open to you. But, what is clear is that savings can still be made and your school could benefit from a larger, funded system with much better savings.


  • TALK TO US - Helen will respond to an email or answer your call - 01284 530020 - for longer hours this week to cope with demand. Talk to us about your school and your plans.
  • BE QUICK - it will be first come, first serve and we can only install on a limited number of schools in the limited time available. We have to get DNO applications in and equipment ordered in the first two weeks of December!
  • LOOK AT THE ONLINE CALCULATOR - this will give you choices post tariff cuts. Compare this to the original figures we sent for a fully funded system and you will see the difference if you can act quickly.
  • If you haven't got your original proposal or can't find it, email and she can send it across to you quickly and easily.