4 steps to add sunshine to your school

4 simple steps to go solar


To see what solar power could do for your school, simply enter its name or postcode in the search box on our home page and then select your school from the list. Initial calculations are based on publicly available data and our experience with hundreds of schools reviewed so far.

The initial analysis can be refined, using our free online tools to:

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Before the system can be built, a number of detailed surveys need to be completed to confirm that the system sizes we have chosen can be successfully installed.

Unless the school has chosen to fund the entire project themselves, we cover these costs at our risk. If we discover the solar panel installation cannot proceed, there are no costs for your school.

During the survey stage we will:

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The installation is then paid for by either a Community Benefit Society, the school or a combination of the two. See funding for more details.

To ensure schools get the best possible solar panel system at the lowest cost while meeting the specific needs of schools (safety & procurement rules) we:

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Solar panel systems are designed to run for many years so it is easy to forget they are there. Increasingly we find schools with systems that have not been running for years, as they stopped working at some point and nobody noticed.

In order to ensure your system continues to be safe, operate and deliver the expected savings to the school, we:

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