Ten things schools can do to address the climate crisis (May 02, 2019)

With a debate raging about whether pupils are taught enough about climate change at school, Fiona Carnie offers some simple suggestions of steps schools can take to address the issues for themselves

“There is no Planet B” is a regular refrain heard on the now weekly school climate strikes across the globe. At the last count 2052 demonstrations took place in 123 countries. This campaign is not going away any time soon.

Growing numbers of headteachers and academics are supporting young people in their action to put pressure on governments to take the climate crisis seriously. Time is running out and young people know that that they are the ones who will suffer.

So what can schools do to support young people? Here are ten suggestions.

#1. Food

Go vegetarian. Buy local, organic food where possible. Animals emit methane and other greenhouse gases and so a meat-free diet contributes to a reduction in global warming. Over 100 schools have signed up to Meat-free Mondays and are including meat-free options on other days – but there is much more that can be done. St Christopher’s School in Hertfordshire is just one of several schools that provide vegetarian lunches for all on a daily basis.

#2. Travel

Stop school trips that involve flying. Tourism accounts for almost 10% of global carbon emissions. Go by train instead. Explore local landscapes. Get involved in social or environmental projects. Students will learn just as much.

#3. Curriculum

Explore links to climate change across all subject areas. At Garlinge Primary School in Margate, environmental education is not taught in isolation but is linked to all areas of the curriculum: geography, science, English, mathematics, art, D&T, music, history, PSHE, drama and PE.

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