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Solar Options for Schools Ltd receives £512,000 investment to help more schools!

Solar for Schools, an Internet-based, social-impact company which is developing an online route for schools across the UK and Internationally to help them go solar, closed a £512,000 investment round from nearly 50 selected investors worldwide on the 30th of September.

The investors, including successful internet company founders, experienced renewable energy project developers and solar asset fund managers, have provided seed funding so the company can reach more schools and improve the educational and financial benefits to schools which install free solar panels with their help.

Robert Schrimpff, Solar for Schools co-founder, said, “I am delighted to have attracted such experienced individuals to become investors. In addition to their financial support, their networks and experience will be invaluable in helping us expand in the coming years.“

The company helps schools reduce their long-term electricity costs and shares any profits from the solar panel system installed on school rooftops which are funded by third parties.

“It’s a win-win situation whereby schools can save money, educate and inspire the next generation and reduce their carbon footprint. Investors gain from having funding in projects that deliver a return financially, socially and environmentally.”

Solar for Schools has the experience to partner with schools long term, take out the risks by managing the entire process from initial assessment to long-term management and thereby ensure renewable solar energy becomes a viable option for more schools.

The funds raised will be used to:
Assist more schools to go solar at no cost, save money, cut carbon emissions and inspire students on living more sustainably.
Develop additional lower cost funding options so schools save more on their electricity bills and share in the profits of each system.
Develop integrated, project-based, learning programmes related to solar and energy consumption.
Enlarge the team and launch in their third country.

To find out more and see what a school near you could be doing for our planet and its finances, visit our website and enter the school name or postcode to start the process.

In addition to the seed funding for Solar for Schools, the company is looking to raise a further £5 million to fund the installation of solar panel systems on the next 100 schools. HNWI or funds looking to invest in socially beneficial, long-term electricity generating assets, should contact